Monday, May 21, 2012


Hello readers,

My apologies for not posting here as I had planned. This year has gotten to me in ways I never dreamed. Where on Earth do I begin?

My husband made it home from his deployment to Afghanistan. Shortly thereafter we said "I Do". Less than one week after the wedding, we moved our new family south. We love the El Paso area so much!
Since the move things are starting to slow down a little.

I am working on getting my photography business started. It has been easier said than done though. What is a photographer without a camera or equipment? Just another person that wants to do something that she isn't prepared to do.

I still have my writing but have ran into a brick wall on it. I just can't seem to pull the stories out of my head the way most writers do.

Jon and I's daughters are doing well. Our oldest daughter is having her very first ever poem published soon! We are so very proud of her for that, she is after all only 15. We keep telling her to work hard on her writing and she will go far. She can write to her readers hearts.

Well, will post again soon.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Self Defense-- Yet Charged with Murder

This County in this story is very corrupt. Basically the story goes somewhat like this.

A man from Texas shot and killed one of the three men that were harassing and attempting to do harm to the Texan. Three men were trying to get the Texan (Brandon Jenkins) out of his vehicle. Feeling as if his life were being threatened Jenkins shot and killed one of the offenders and barely grazed another. Jenkins has now been charged with Murder.

This case is a clear case of self defense. Jenkins being from Texas where he had a right to carry his weapon and to fire upon anyone who threatened his life; did just that. What would anyone do in the same situation where three people were threatening your physical safety? If you felt that your life were in danger, would you shoot to kill?

Without a doubt, I would! Jenkins is a Marine, rather he is still in the service or not is a moot point to this writer. We train our service members to fight with deadly force when it is called for. We train them to shoot to kill when their life or another persons life is in jeopardy. Once our hero's come back home to the states, we wonder why they don't or can't turn off that lesson.

Why do I say this county in question is corrupt? This is just one of many stories over the years where the politicians here have taken the law and bent it to suit their own personal views. Jenkins did what he was trained to do. His life was clearly about to change. The three men that were about to give him a beat down; were well known in this town as being trouble makers. This time they picked on the wrong person.

Do I feel bad that one of these men lost their lives? NO. Earp (the one killed)had no sense of right or wrong. He felt that he could do whatever he wanted and get away with it. To the point of his death, he had gotten away with pretty much everything. No one had ever really stood up to him before. This time though, he met his match. You don't go around tormenting whoever you want. If you do, you may just find yourself on the loosing end.

I don't want to focus on the fact that Jenkins is a Marine. His service to this country isn't in question here. He is and always will be a hero. Jenkins took care of what was important that fateful night. He saved his own life. That in and of itself is all his friends and family could have asked for.

In Illinois you must have a FOID card to buy, sell, use, or possess a gun and ammunition. Being from Texas, Jenkins did not have that card to my knowledge. However he is not charged with illegal possession of a firearm.

There is a Fund set up to help Jenkins and his family. You can go here to help with a donation. There is also an Online Petition.

As someone that has lived in Richland County, I am appalled that our elected officials are still using their messed up interpretations of the law to charge law abiding citizens. Yes Jenkins shot and killed a man and wounded another. However; Jenkins saved his own life which is more than our elected officials would do for anyone.

Please help get this story told to everyone you can. Spread this story around your area. We NEED national attention on this story. Jenkins is not and more than likely will not get a fair trial in this County.  Help us save this Marines future.

I thank you and so does his family and friends.

This story was provided from the following website. Disclosure News Online.

Monday, February 6, 2012


I made it back from Alabama late last night. I'm still trying to relax, yet I have a ton of unpacking to get finished. I didn't unpack one single thing today. I ended up spending the day at my Aunt's house. Tomorrow I have to go turn the rental car back in, which means another day that I won't get a lot of things accomplished. That's okay, I have a few more days to get everything taken care of before I have to get back into the everyday groove of things.

I'll be back to posting daily soon! I can't wait.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hi everyone,

I am now in Alabama. Things had to be put off while others were being taken care of. We still have a ways to go to get back into normal everyday life. I will be offline for another two weeks or so. Once I get back sometime around the middle of the month, the posts here will resume.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Illness of a loved one

Hello readers,

My husbands grandmother/adopted mother is ill. We found out last night she has been in the hospital for 22 days and no one notified my husband. I am going to be leaving here in the next day or two, to go to where she is and be with her.It isn't looking good for her, and the doctors don't expect her to make it much longer.

So as much as I have been having a great time posting daily news stories here, I will not be for a little while. I need to take this time to be with her as she will more than likely not be with us much longer. I will update here as often as I can.

Friday, January 20, 2012

10 Year Old Kills 12 Year Old.

Yes it's another case of a child killing a child. This time the suspect is just 10 years old. The victim a 12 year old boy that was the hero of the day. The story as told by CNN:

The 12 year old saw what was about to happen. The 10 year old suspect swung a knife at another little boy. The 12 year old remembering what his parents had taught him, moved in front of the suspect. The victims parents had taught their son, if you see a fight; stop it.

That is just what this hero did by stepping in front of the knife that the suspect was swinging. What his parents taught him may have ended his life; but he died a hero to another little boy.

The suspect in this awful case faces no more than 15 years, he must be released by the time he turns 25 if not sooner. His next court date is February 23rd.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Body Parts in California

On Tuesday a head of a man believed to be 40-60 years old was found in a plastic bag by two people walking nine dogs. A short time later police also find two hands. On Wednesday two feet were found in the same area. Investigators believe that the two hands and the head belong to the same person. It wasn't stated if the feet are also believed to be from the same body. The body parts were located near the Hollywood sign.

The first hand was found around 50 yards from where the head was found on Tuesday. Tune into CNN or HLN for the latest information.